Environmental Management

Elite Geotech And Enviro Construction Services (Pty) Ltd team of qualified and experience Environmental Scientists have the necessary skills and expertise to assist any construction project in fulfilling its responsibilities in accordance with the legal and industrial standards and regulation’s

The company has the capability and resources to provide all – encompassing environmental management services to our clients of any size and any location within the Republic of South Africa. The service may include but not limited to:

  • Managing, overall monitoring and ensuring environmental compliance to the project specific legal documents i.e. NEMA, SEMA’s, CEMP, EA, Specialist Reports, Permits and License.
  • ISO 14001 – 2015: Environmental Man agement System (EMS). Establish and develop procedures for the EMS systems.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment including specialized studies.
  • WUL applications
  • Vegetation Clearing / Bush Clearing Services including certified PCO (Pest Control Officer)
  • Water Quality Testing and Analysis through SANS accredited laboratories across
    Southern Africa.”
  • Compiling work procedure, supervising and conducting cost effective rehabilitation
    work for our clients.